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0 notes & Just Won Indigo Fellowship Awards 2010!

We just won Indigo Fellowship Awards 2010 Last night (Wednesday 8 Dec 2010) at JCC!.

Below is the description from the official website

Sejak tahun 2009, Telkom Group mempersembahkan program Indigo Fellowship, yang merupakan apresiasi kepada individu atau kelompok yang dianggap berhasil dalam membuat karya kreatif digital dan memberikan manfaat kepada masyarakat luas, serta mendorong tumbuhnya digitalpreneur baru dalam industri tersebut.

There are 4 Categories for this award which are Consumer, Enterprise, Small Medium Enterprise, and Rural/Maritime. More than a month ago we entered to be in the Consumer Category. 

Initially, over 251 Products/Company from all over Indonesia entered and 50 was chosen for the first round of elimination (20 candidate from the consumer category).

The second round of elimination was done to take the candidates from 50 to 28 in total (8 for consumer products). At this point AdaDiskon had to present and prove why we deserve to be the one of the winner in front of many very influential and respected judges from different backgrounds.

We are really happy that it was finally announced that we are one of the winner of the Consumer Category, There are 4 winners from the Consumer Category. We can’t thank you enough to all of our audiences out there for supporting us and being with us through everything. 

Exciting announcements and product release are coming shortly! Please stay tuned!

Thank you, Team.

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Komunitas untuk Palang Merah Indonesia


Salam Hangat dari, kami seluruh staff AdaDiskon turut berduka atas bencana yg terjadi baru-baru ini, yaitu di Wasior, Mentawai dan Merapi. segenap staff adadiskon ingin sekali melakukan sesuatu kontribusi untuk membantu awareness supaya menyumbang untuk para korban bencana.

Maka itu kita dari bekerja sama dengan seorang individu yang tidak ingin disebut namanya, dan dia akan “Match” donasi yang disumbang oleh komunitas dari sampai dengan 5jt rupiah.

Memang kalau dilihat dari total tidak banyak Rp5jt, tetapi saya yakin berapa pun yang kita bisa kontribusi pasti dapat membantu saudara-saudara kita disana yang sangat membutuhkan.

Untuk teman2 yang ingin partisipasi, bisa langsung saja transfer uangnya ke Palang Merah Indonesia.

List Account Bank Palang Merah indonesia.

1. Bank BCA, KCU Thamrin Jakarta, Nomor Rekening 206.300668.8, atas nama Kantor Pusat PMI.

2. Bank Mandiri, KCP JKT Krakatau Steel, Nomor Rekening: 070-00-0011601-7, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia.

3. BRI, KC Pancoran, Jakarta, Nomor Rekening: 0390-01-000030-30-3, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia.


* jadi tolong jangan transfer ke AdaDiskon :D

Step untuk Partisipasi

1. transfer ke Account Bank resmi Palang Merah Indonesia

2. Kirimkan bukti transfer kamu lewat email ( atau ke fax langsung ke kantor kami di (021)739-2369.

3. Hasil yang terkumpul akan di “match” dengan donatur kami, dan akan kita langsung sumbangkan ke Account Bank Resmi Palang Merah Indonesia.

4. Kita akan hanya menerima bukti transfer yang dilakukan dari hari ini Senin(Nov 8) sampai dengan Jumat (Nov 12 jam 5pm).

untuk contoh, kalau uang yang terkumpul hanya mencapai Rp.4jt, maka donatur kami akan juga menyumbangkan Rp.4jt. dan kalau lebih dari Rp5jt, donatur kami akan menyumbang maksimal Rp.5jt

Jadi tolong beritahu teman2 dan saudara kamu semua untuk partisipasi di program ini. hanya ingin membantu meningkatkan awareness untuk ini dan sangat berterimakasih untuk donatur kami yang tidak ingin dikenal.

Terimakasih ya teman2, langsung saja post dibawah kalau ada pertanyaan atau kalau ada yang tidak di mengerti.

-AdaDiskon Team.

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We Just Won Best Social Networking!

Last saturday was the peak of Sparxup event @fX and we are really happy to be the winner of the best social networking category in Indonesia!.  

To be able to win the category of social networking means a lot for us, is really nothing without all the people who have supported us, the people who have given us tips about a sale, given us their shopping experience and basically everything that makes AdaDiskon a great place to meet fellow shoppers. 

Every Team member at is very thrilled to be accepting the award and we just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support. I believe this “Social Networking” category is special and really, all the credits goes towards our community :D.

I would also like to say thank you for all the people who organized this award. Thanks to Semut Api, Daily Social and Kompas for making this event possible. 

Thanks so much and stay tuned for more great things at

-Aswin Utomo


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Contest Share Pengalaman Midnight shoppingmu dan menangkan voucher dari Red Mango!

Apa kamu senang pergi ke midnight shopping? kalau kamu belum lihat review midnight shopping senayan kemarin sabtu tanggal 3 Sept, kita baru saja review tentang event itu supaya kamu siap untuk pergi hari ini :D.

Untuk support fitur baru kita, “Share” kita akan memberi voucher Red Mango senilai Rp100.000 (5 x @Rp20.000) untuk 10 pemenang yang sharing ke semuanya pengalaman midnight shoppingnya melalui fitur “Share” kita yang baru.

Caranya gampang:

1. Signup atau signin ke melalui account facebook atau twitter kamu. ->

2. langsung saja click ke "Share your experience" dan share ke semuanya apa menurut kamu tentang midnight shopping, apa yang kamu paling suka atau tidak suka, kamu belanja apa saja etc2, topic apa saja yang kamu kira menarik.

3. Kita akan pilih pemenangnya hari selasa tanggal 7 Sept untuk announce pemenang voucher senilai Rp100.000 ke 10 pemenang yang paling bagus sharingnya.  

Thanks dan Happy Shopping!

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Brand New Features and TOP 50 Apps in Asia

 We just received such a great news that we are in the list of TOP 50 Apps in Asia!

There were over 100 applications from 10 countries in Asia that could be nominated and we are thrilled and proud that we are one of them.

Another great news would be that we are introducing our new features, specially for our community!. You might notice a slight difference at our website since last wednesday.

1. Facebook Connect

You can now login/signin using your facebook account! simply click on the Facebook icon on the upper right hand side of our webpage and start interacting with the rest of our community! :D.

2. Questions & Answers

I believe this is one of the most important feature that we have introduced so far. This is the place where we could ask questions and be answered by our community! 

Are you looking for a great deal on a certain item? or do you just want to ask if a handbag at a certain price is a great deal? Ask them here and let our community help you! Check them out now! 

3. Tips

Over time, ever since we’ve launched, we have gotten so many great tips from our community, shopping tips as well as promotion tips. But those tips are lost forever since it’s via twitter & facebook. 

We want something that can help our community and we are thrilled that we are introducing this feature to you. So do you have a shopping tips that you want to tell everyone? do you know any promotions that you want to share with us? Post it here, help and be part of our community! 

4. Share your Experience 

part from Tips and Questions, we’ve also gotten a lot of people from our community sharing their shopping experience! A lot of them are very-very useful information that could be useful to everyone.

Whether it’s the shoe that you just bought or if you just wanted everyone to know that you just had a wonderful shopping trip!. This is the perfect place to to let everyone know all about your shopping experience! 

In Summary…

We’ve been also experimenting a lot on our homepage layout as well as our user’s main page but it is not done yet! we will definitely keep on improving this. Please do let us know if you have any feedback. We’ve made these features especially for our community and we hope that this would be a great addition to the website!

Exciting contests to celebrate these features are coming really soon! stay tuned!

Thanks, Team

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Our 1st gathering is featured at The Jakarta Post!

Our gathering at Centro Dept Store was featured at The Jakarta Post! 

We’re really happy that miss Triwik from The Jakarta Post wrote such a nice review about our event. The newspaper was published last Sunday, so just in case some of you missed it, I took the below part from The jakarta post website (

Thanks also to miss Scesilia from Centro Dept Store who just told us that we’re featured at The Jakarta Post.

Confessions of a bargain hunter

What do you have to do to get nice things at discount prices? Some of us may drive from one shopping center to another, stroll every corridor and check every price tag. Others may sign in to websites or turn every page of a newspaper or a magazine to fi nd the best buy.

That’s time-consuming. Shopping enthusiasts in Jakarta have found an easier way to search for good things at bargain prices via

A petite woman in a fl owery sack dress, thick yellow sunglasses and a big straw hat strutted her way along the red carpet at the atrium of Centro department store at Plaza Semanggi shopping mall in South Jakarta.

A price tag was hanging off the temple of her sunglasses. She was followed by two women and two men in similar outfits. One woman had a shocking ensemble — pink leggings and blue top — while the other woman was dressed in a nauticallooking black-and-white striped top and waist-high red tulip skirt.

The men were also fashionable. One of them looked like a rock star while the other sported a relaxed safari look with knee-length khaki shorts, khaki jacket and yellow polo shirt.

Dozens of people dressed in red stood around the runway and the stage, cheering and wolf-whistling while watching the models.

They were not professional models. They were members of the community who volunteered to become faux models in a competition during the community’s first gathering, which was in collaboration with Centro.

Adadiskon is a website that provides information about hot shopping deals and other offers for bargain hunters in town.

During the gathering, attendees were randomly divided into five groups. Each group was given a budget of Rp 500,000 (US$55) to be spent on clothes to dress up one member according to a theme, such as fl ower power, color-blocking, nautical, safari or fashion rock.

They only had 20 minutes to complete their mission. Group that failed to fi nish on time was disqualifi ed. The winners would receive a Rp 500,000 shopping voucher.

As soon as the game started, participants wandered around the store, sorting and digging through piles of clothes to fi nd just the right piece to complete their outfits.

Through this shopping game, participants could really prove that they were both shophaholics and talented fashion stylists!

The winners were the group which dressed its member with in a nautical theme. The losers were not feeling down since they had the chance to meet other members and even spent time shopping after the event.

The person behind this activity was Aswin Utomo, 27, who had the idea for more than year ago.

“I like shopping and hunting for hot deals and promos. Later, I found out that there was no local website that provided this kind of information. I usually learned about the latest promotions from my friends or newspapers,” he told The Jakarta Post recently.

“That’s where the idea of came from. I want to give people information on the latest deals, discounts, and promos — as well as updates on the latest fairs and events for shoppers in town — with just one click,” he said.

He added that he had been working with a number of merchants to update promotional information.

The website has turned out to be the best friend of many shoppers, providing information from food and apparel promotions to fashion bazaars and fl ea markets. already has more than 29,000 followers on Twitter.

“It’s also a place to meet other shoppers, as well as share stories, post product reviews and give shopping tips and tricks,” Aswin added.

He said that fellow members of the “deal hunting” community would not drool over typical promotions that claimed to offer “discounts up to 70 percent”.

Many people are excited and have high expectations when they hear of a 70-percent discount. However, such expectations frequently ends in a disappointment as the offer is only applied to very few items.

“It is not tempting enough for [the deal hunters]. They will be more interested in ‘further reductions’ or ‘buy one, get two’ offers,” Aswin said.

One shopper, Agustina Diah Trianti, is an example of a person who has taken advantage of the site. The 30-something woman said she spent about Rp 500,000 per month on buying new clothes or shoes.

“I like shopping and when it comes to great sale event, I’ve never missed it. The presence of the website is really helpful.

It’s like a guide for us shoppers,” she said, adding that she used to learn about promotions from her friends or text messages from merchants.

The thing that interests her is “buy one, get two” promotions. “In some cases, the stuff offered during a promotion are often out-of-season pieces, but it’s not a big deal for me. It’s important to carefully check the quality of the items before you buy,” Tanti said.

Many people say that it is women who like shopping, but the truth is men also like this activity. During the gathering, there were a lot of men who were dressed as stylishly as the women.

Derris Agimaran, 23, was one of them. The man, who works as a personal assistant, said he liked hunting for hot bargains.

“I’m not brand-minded. Take a look at my sneakers. They only cost Rp 7,000.

It’s a real bargain! I bought them at Pasar Baru. The quality? So far, so good,” said Derris, who was dressed in a black T-shirt over a maroon shirt, black jeans and red sneakers.

“Don’t be afraid of exploring traditional shopping centers like Pasar Baru. Once you get there, you will be surprised because you will fi nd good stuff and great deals.”

So, what’s the best hint to be a smart shopper?

The bargain hunters gave the same answer: “Just wait until the hot deals come to town!”

— Photos by JP/Triwik Kurniasari


There will definitely be more gatherings/kopdar in the future and we are really hoping that us, from can have the chance to meet all of you. Thanks for all the support and we’ll see you again soon!


Aswin Utomo

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Kopdar/Gathering Pertama di Centro Plaza Semanggi

@derris_a, @v_nod, @tuhunugraha lagi ngintip :D (my fav picture lol)

Last saturday, 17th July 2010, we held our first ever gathering (kopdar) at Centro Plaza Semanggi and It was way way beyond my expectations :D. To be honest, I went home with such a big smile on my face (sampe pegel gara2 senyum terus). The event could not have gone any better :D.

I met and chatted with’s earliest member of community as well as new ones, whom I am really thankful for for all the support and feedback to the site. We owe our very fast growth and everything to our community, so I am very humbled that so many people came to the event. 

I’d like to say thanks for all the support of The Centro Team for organizing such a great event, it was such a big success, I really think this was one of my happiest moment since I founded 

Unfortunately we could only invite 50 people to participate on the event, but we are hoping that we can organize bigger and bigger event for everyone in the future.

I’d also like to thank for the patience because of our slow server, we have moved to a faster server last night, We hope it would suffice to handle the traffic until the end of this year. And something very exciting is in progress for our community :-)

some pictures from the event. more pictures will be posted shortly at our facebook page.

Guess who the winner of this mini talent contest and what is her talent? :D

Last Picture with most of everyone :D

Thanks again everyone! Lets definitely do this again in the near future!

-Aswin Utomo

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5 Vouchers from Ether House of Beauty!

We have 5 vouchers for our readers from ether House of Beauty!

We have vouchers for

  • Facial
  • Heel Smoothing
  • Milk Bath
  • Bio Walet Whitening
  • Hair Stress Therapy Doctor

The vouchers are only valid at their branch at:

Jl. Mendawai I/88 

Kebayoran Baru 

T. 021-7207637

How to win this vouchers?

1. Simply go to

2. login to at the bottom of the article.

3. Comment and tell us everything about your shopping experience, tips, funny stories at late night shopping, anything!

that’s it! our editors will pick 5 lucky winners based on your answers. Quick! we will pick the winner at 5pm today! (July 2, 2010).

Thanks especially to esther House of Beauty for supplying us these vouchers. 

Regards, Team

0 notes & is featured in CBN Newsletter!

We were featured in June 2010 edition of CBN’s Newsletter!, Thanks so much for sending to us copies of the newsletter and of course thanks so much for spreading news about us!. 

If you don’t know what CBN Newsletter is, it’s a monthly newsletter that CBN sends to all their clients. CBN Internet has been one of our most supportive partners from the beginning. 

You can find CBN Internet’s Company Profile and their list of promotions at our website. We really can’t say thank you enough to CBN Internet for being really supportive of us.


- AdaDiskon Team